How do I rollover my retirement account to Guideline?


To rollover a previous retirement account to Guideline, you can start by: 

  • Contacting your retirement account provider.
  • Requesting a direct rollover in the form of a check for the amount you wish to rollover to Guideline. Some retirement account providers may request a letter of acceptance. To place this request, please contact participant support.
  • Make the check payable to our custodian, Benefit Trust Company (BTC). 

Check Payable Details: BTC for GDL [Your Guideline Account Number] FBO [Your Name]

Where to mail the check: 

Benefit Trust Company 

PO Box 12765 

Overland Park KS, 66282

Please note, in order to ensure that you do not lose access to your rollover funds for any period of time, Guideline is unable to accept rollover funds until you are an eligible participant in a 401(k) plan who has completed their first payroll with Guideline services.

Once the rollover check is received, it takes approximately 5-7 business days to process, attribute and for the funds to appear in your Guideline account. Rollovers via a wire or ACH transfers are not permitted. You should not send your check directly to Guideline’s business address so rollover checks should be sent to our custodian to ensure timely processing.

Please do not send checks directly to Guideline’s business address. Rollover checks should be sent to our custodian at the address listed above to ensure timely processing. Checks sent to an alternative Benefit Trust Company mailing address may also experience longer processing times, as they may need to be re-routed to the correct department internally before processing can begin.

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