When will my contributions settle in my Guideline account?

All contributions should be fully attributed to your Guideline account approximately 7 business days after your pay date. Please note, holidays will add an additional day to the processing timeline.

(1) You can always review contribution history within your Dashboard Activity page. A further breakdown of contribution types and amounts can be found by clicking on the “+” icon next to the contribution task. 

If contributions were deducted from your paycheck and are not appearing in your Guideline account, please reach out to our team for further assistance by email at support@guideline.com or by phone at (888) 344-5188.

(1) If your employer uses a manual payroll or 180 payroll sync payroll provider (as opposed to one of our 360 integrated payroll partners with real-time data sync), the time it takes for contributions to settle in participant accounts may vary.

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