Invoicing and billing

Our invoicing and billing process is transparent and predictable so you can better plan for all of your upcoming business needs.

Billing will start the month following your plan’s start date and will be retroactive. So your February invoice will reflect the cost of your plan for the month of January. 

On the 1st of every month, we will email you your invoice. Guideline will then pull the invoiced amount from your designated credit card or bank account on the 5th of that month. If you choose to pay from a bank account  your payment will be processed via an ACH transaction, appearing  on your bank statement as SSBTRUSTOPS and will be debited within a few days. Overall, the process should take approximately 8-10 business days. If you choose to pay from a credit card your payment will be automatically processed from your credit card.

Since we are paid via credit card and direct ACH pulls, we require companies to keep an active credit card and a verified bank account on file. We do not accept cash or check payments. Your company can add up to one credit card and four verified bank accounts, each of which can be designated for a specific use. For example, one bank account could be used for 401(k) contributions and one could be used for payments to Guideline. Please remember that credit cards can only be used to pay your monthly billing to Guideline. 

Guideline charges a recurring monthly fee of $8 per participant to plan sponsors.

Monthly participant fees will be calculated based on employees actively enrolled in the plan or who remain employed with an account balance during the month in which the monthly participant fee is being charged. For purposes of calculating monthly participant fees, the following employees will not be considered “participants” subject to billing:

  • Employees who are not eligible to enter the plan
  • Employees who are eligible, but choose not to participate (unless that participant has an account balance due to a rollover from another retirement account or employer contributions to the Plan)
  • Participants who have terminated employment

In addition to the monthly participant fee, Guideline charges plan sponsors a monthly $49 base fee if the plan sponsor has elected our Core plan, a monthly $79 base fee if the plan sponsor has elected our Flex plan, and $129 monthly base fee if the plan sponsor has elected the Max plan. For more information, please refer to our Fee Disclosure which you can find in the Terms of Service. 


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