How to distribute (or rollover) your 401(k) funds from Guideline

If you’d like to request a distribution from your Guideline 401(k), you should first confirm which types of distributions you may qualify for (if any), as your 401(k) summary plan description and IRS restrictions may limit your options before you leave your employer or reach retirement age.

If you are eligible for a distribution, then you will be able to initiate a cash distribution or rollover to a new provider by navigating to the Account Settings tab of your Guideline dashboard.

If you are not yet eligible, the “Distribution” option will not be viewable in your dashboard.  

If there is a pending or unprocessed transaction in your account, you will have to wait until the transaction is complete before the "Distribution" option is made viewable in your dashboard.  

 For security purposes, we will mail a distribution check to your address on file

Rollovers or distributions via a wire or ACH transfers are not available.

Curious about the distribution timeline? Please see the following distribution timeline article. 


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