How do I change my contribution rate?

You can change your contribution rate at any time here. If you'd like to access this page, you can find it by logging into your dashboard, and selecting the "Change Contribution" button within the 'Total Semi-Monthly Contribution' section on the right hand side of your account.

This can also be accessed by visiting thePortfolio tab in the upper left hand corner on the main page of your Guideline dashboard. There you will be able to select your desired rate before clicking the “Save Changes” button. 

Please note that if you change your contribution rate too close to when your employer runs payroll, your new rate will be reflected on the next payroll run. You can also contact your employer or payroll department directly to confirm when your company runs payroll. (1)


(1) If your employer uses a manual payroll or non-integrated payroll provider (as opposed to one of our integrated payroll partners with real-time data sync), there may be a delay in your contribution rate change being applied within payroll. For last-minute changes, you should check with your company's payroll department to confirm that the contribution rate change is reflected in payroll before they process payroll.

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