How do I update my name in my Guideline account?

Active Employees

If you’re still employed with the company that sponsors your Guideline 401(k), your name will first need to be updated directly in payroll. Once updated in payroll, please send an email to informing us of the name change, and confirmation this has been updated in payroll, so we can update your name within the Guideline system.

Participants Who Have Terminated Employment

If you are no longer employed with the company that sponsored your Guideline account, then supporting documentation will be required in order for Guideline to make the name change in our system. An up-to-date color copy of a government-issued ID will be required (a driver’s license is preferred, but a passport is also an option). If you are recently married and your ID has not yet been updated, you can submit a copy of your marriage certificate in addition to your ID. 

You must upload these documents to the Shared Files folder of your Guideline Resource Library. Please send an email to to inform us of the uploaded documents, and state your requested name change. 


To expedite name change requests, it may be helpful to include your date of birth and Guideline account number in your follow up email, for account verification.

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