Where can I find my account statements?

Guideline provides quarterly statements, year-to-date contribution reports, and customizable transaction reports within the “Statements” tab located near the upper left hand corner of your participant dashboard. There you will find all of your current and past statements. 

When do Statements become available? 

Your quarterly statement will be released about 1-2 weeks after quarter end and will reflect account activity and account balances at end of quarter. Your year-to-date contribution reports are available under the annual reports section throughout the year, and reflect a contribution summary along with transaction reports that provide an up-to-date overview of your overall 401(k) benefit activity. For example, your 2020 annual report will become available after the start of the year and will continue to update on a daily basis throughout the year.  

Printing my Statements 

Account statements can be downloaded as a PDF and printed.

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