I signed the Plan Document, what happens next?

On your plan sponsor dashboard you will find a timeline outlining steps in your company’s plan setup. This timeline helps you track progress before your first successful contributions with Guideline. “Plan Document Signed” is the first milestone, and indicates that you have created your plan, selected a desired start date, plan design, eligibility settings and have returned to us a signed plan document and service agreement.

Next steps for plan set up can be found in the Tasks and Notifications section at the top of your plan sponsor dashboard. If you have not yet completed these tasks by the due date specified for each task, this may cause a delay in participant enrollment.

You may see other tasks in your dashboard, but only the following are required to start your plan.

  • Connect your Payroll Account
    • Let us know who your payroll provider is. Further steps may apply depending on your payroll provider. Guideline has integrated payroll partners, that provide us access to administer your plan with ease. 
  • Connect your Bank Account
    • We'll need your company's bank account information for paying invoices and funding contributions.
  • Verify your Bank Account
    • You may verify your account in one step using Plaid or providing us with your account and routing number. Guideline requires verification of your bank account information before your plan begins to ensure your invoice payments, contributions and billing are successful.
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