Requesting a distribution from your Guideline IRA

If you’d like to request a distribution from your Guideline IRA or SEP IRA, you should first confirm which type of distribution you would like as IRS restrictions may limit your options.

If you wish to distribute your IRA to yourself or deposit to another IRA, you can access the IRA distribution form needed for the indirect rollover on your Guideline IRA dashboard in your Resource Library Forms & Templates folder. Please note that if you’d like to make a transfer of your IRA into another IRA, also known as a direct rollover, you must use the trustee-to-trustee form instead of the distribution form.

You can submit your completed form by uploading it to your Guideline IRA dashboard. Just go to your Resource Library and upload it to the Shared Files folder.

Please send an email to once you have uploaded the completed form so that we can begin processing your request.

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