What does Guideline need to file my Form 8955-SSA?

To file your Form 8955-SSA, we’ll need the social security number and termination date of each dismissed participant for whom we are required to file. It is important to maintain this information in your records for accurate filings. 

We will need to report any employees who still have a vested account balance at the time of filing, who has left the company or the plan in the year prior to the tax filing year. For example, where Jenny is dismissed on April 4, 2016 with a vested account balance of $1,000. She won’t be reported on the 2016 Form 8955-SSA. Jenny maintains her account balance throughout 2017 and up to July 31, 2018 which is the day we submit the plan year 2017 Form 8955-SSA. We must report Jenny’s vested balance on the 2017 Form 8955-SSA. Jenny then rolls her money out of her account in October 2018. If a remaining vested account balance is distributed after we have filed an 8955 for a participant, we will then report the zero balance for the filing year in which the distribution occurs.  In this example, we would include Jenny on the 2018 Form 8955-SSA with a $0 balance.

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