What are my Guideline 401(k) fees?

Guideline charges your employer a monthly base fee, as well as an $8 monthly per-active participant monthly fee. 

Additionally, Guideline charges participants (including terminated employees) a small annual account fee of 0.08% of assets under management, which is intended in part to offset costs like separate transaction fees, among others, and helps us further our mission to help small business owners and their employees save for a better retirement..   

Plan participants who have terminated employment with the company sponsoring their retirement plan are charged a monthly base fee of $4 after an initial 90-day grace period following termination of employment, or after the end of the blackout period if the retirement plan was recently transferred to Guideline from another 401(k) provider. 

Your Guideline 401(k) account allows you to invest your contributions in mutual funds. These mutual funds charge an annual fee, expressed as a percentage known as the expense ratio. The expense ratio is charged by the fund manager to operate the fund, perform administrative duties, to advertise or market the fund to potential investors, and more. Expense ratios are automatically swept  out of your investment in the fund; meaning you won’t get a bill for the charge. . The expense ratio is disclosed in each fund’s prospectus and can also be found here.

Guideline carefully selects no-load mutual funds that are passively-managed in an effort to offer low management fees  while delivering quality investment management. Guideline’s managed portfolios have blended expense ratios ranging from 0.064% to 0.07% of assets under management.

To learn more about fees with Guideline, including other fees that may apply, such as charges by third party advisors, please see Guideline’s Fee Disclosure here and ADV 2A Brochure here.

 (1)The annual account fee of 0.08% applied to assets under management is calculated and deducted on a monthly basis at 1/12 of the annual stated rate (0.08%) based on the account balance on the last day of each month.
 (2)Guideline’s managed portfolios have blended expense ratios ranging from 0.064% to 0.07% of assets under management. Expense ratios for custom portfolios will vary. These expense ratios are subject to change by and paid to the fund(s). View full fund lineup here.

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