Guideline for Accountants - frequently asked questions

What is Guideline for Accountants?
As Guideline’s business has matured, we have received increasing interest from accountants looking to set up and manage Guideline 401(k) plans on behalf of their clients. Guideline for Accountants is our answer to that interest. 

What are Guideline’s key services and pricing?

Guideline is a full service 401(k) plan. Employers pay a flat fee, employees pay an account fee and a low fund expense (depending on which funds they invest in), and everyone understands what they are paying for. We know that being straightforward saves time – and money. Click here for an outline to our key services and pricing. 

How is Guideline for Accountants different from the Guideline for Advisors offering?
Guideline for Accountants was built specifically for accountants interested in providing Guideline 401(k) plans to their clients. Guideline for Accountants features the same service and pricing of our direct business, Guideline 401(k).  

What is the typical Guideline client profile?

The typical Guideline 401(k) client is a tech-savvy company establishing a 401(k) plan for the first time. These companies typically have less than 50 employees and use a cloud-based payroll provider like Gusto, Zenefits, OnPay, ADP, Intuit/QuickBooks, Rippling, and Square (click here to see the full list of supported payroll providers).

That being said, many of our clients are established companies with hundreds of employees who are simply looking to minimize asset-based fees and offer the most participant-focused 401(k) plan possible.   

Which payroll providers does Guideline integrate with?
Payroll integration is one of Guideline’s main features -- it allows us to automate plan administration and recordkeeping, which is a big relief for plan sponsors. Guideline features integrations with major cloud-based payroll companies like Gusto, Zenefits, OnPay, ADP, Intuit/QuickBooks, Rippling, and Square (click here to see the full list of supported payroll providers).

How does plan design work? Are there any plan design limitations I should know about?
You can schedule time with a Guideline Account Executive to talk about plan design and compliance testing. Click here to see Guideline’s plan design options. Please note that every Guideline plan features automatic enrollment, and we do not currently support an hours-of-service (i.e. part-time employee) eligibility restriction.

What are the investment options?

Guideline cuts participating employees’ costs by avoiding layers of fees and using low-cost index mutual funds. Guideline’s managed portfolios have blended expense ratios ranging from 0.064% to 0.07% of assets under management. Expense ratios for custom portfolios will vary. These expense ratios are subject to change by and paid to the fund(s). Please see Guideline’s Complete Fund Menu here.

We also select a list of funds that are aligned with our responsibilities as a 3(38) fiduciary. Most Guideline  participants will use our portfolio recommendation tool to invest in one of our recommended portfolios, but participants are given the option to create their own custom asset allocation from among the list of 41 funds that we have curated.

How do I add a new plan?
In your Guideline for Accountants account, select “Clients” then click “Add a Plan” and choose “Start a new plan”. The accountant can design the plan on behalf of the plan sponsor, or the accountant can simply enter the plan sponsor’s contact information, which will trigger an email to the plan sponsor asking them to complete plan set up. Whether the plan is being designed by the Accountant or the plan sponsor,  an authorized representative must be duly appointed by the plan sponsor to serve as the plan’s Trustee and enter into a service agreement with Guideline.

How do I add an already established plan?

For your clients with an existing 401(k) plan that are interested in transferring their plan to Guideline, the first step in the conversion process is for Guideline to conduct a plan review. While most plans are somewhat similar to a Guideline 401(k) plan, there are certain features of some plans that could complicate the conversion process, and Guideline wants to ensure all parties are aware of what a specific plan’s conversion process may entail before a decision is made to move forward.

In order to start a plan review, the adoption agreement for an existing 401(k) plan should be submitted to Guideline via our secure portal in your Guideline for Accountants account (select “Clients” and click “Add a Plan” > “Transfer an existing plan to Guideline” to submit the Adoption Agreement). Guideline will deliver your client’s plan review in approximately 2-3 business days to discuss any differences and next steps.

We require all plan sponsors transferring an existing 401(k) to Guideline to set up and maintain a Max plan for at least one year. After one year, the plan will be eligible to switch to a different pricing plan.

Do you have any marketing materials that I can share with prospective clients?

Guideline One-Sheeter Portfolio Menu Fund Menu
Plan Design Safe Harbor Guide Non-Discrimination Testing 401(k) Checklist

How do I schedule a product consultation for my clients interested in a Guideline 401(k) ?

You can schedule a consultation for prospective Guideline clients by reaching out to your dedicated Sales Representative. 

Who do I contact for any specific Guideline for Accountants questions?  

Your dedicated Sales Representative will be your main point of contact. Or you can contact the Guideline for Accountants team. Contact information as follows:  |  (888) 588-1168 | Schedule a Call 

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