What happens to my non-vested account balance if I leave my company?

If your employer has been contributing to your plan and has a vesting schedule, your unvested funds would be forfeited once you leave the company and you will only be able to disburse the vested portion of your account. Any unvested employer contributions will remain in the plan and eventually be used for plan expenses or be re-distributed to other employees, depending on the terms of the plan. 

If you’re rehired within five years of your original termination date, your company may restore your previously forfeited non-vested account balance. However, if you’ve already taken a distribution, you may have to repay this distribution in order to receive your forfeited non-vested funds. Please note that you must make this repayment within five years of your date of rehire, or before you incur five one-year breaks in service. 

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