If my employer’s plan shuts down, when will I have access to my funds?

If your company is terminating their plan with Guideline, there are IRS-required processes that must be completed before we can process individual participant distribution requests.

The account review stage is required for all terminating plans. This means that while we may have your distribution instructions on file, Guideline is not permitted to disburse funds to any participants during this stage.

The account review process ensures that we perform a final valuation, complete required annual testing, and file a final Form 5500 with the IRS. This process is designed to prevent negative tax consequences for you or your account. Once this stage is complete, we will proceed with the distribution and a separate email confirmation will be sent to your primary email on file notifying you when your distribution check will be mailed out.

For any plan termination or account review specific questions, we suggest reaching out to your employer directly.

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