How do I invite an employee to my SEP IRA plan?

Employees that meet eligibility requirements must set up a SEP IRA account to receive employer contributions. You can invite eligible employees to set up a Guideline SEP IRA account under the “Employees” section of your dashboard. You'll need to provide their name and email address to send them an invitation to open an account. If your employee sets up an account, you’ll be able to make contributions to their Guideline account through your dashboard.

As the employer, you do not need to invite yourself, or add yourself as an employee to the roster. By setting up your Guideline SEP IRA account, you are in turn creating your own account to receive SEP IRA contributions, if eligible, although you will not appear in the roster. 

Employees have the option to decline the invitation to open a Guideline account. If they decline, they'll be responsible for setting up their own SEP IRA account with a provider of their choice. You’ll need to work with your employee and/or the other provider to contribute to their account outside of Guideline’s system.

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