How do I roll over the funds from one Guideline 401(k) account to another Guideline 401(k) account?

To roll over the funds from one Guideline 401(k) account to another, your accounts must first be merged under the same sign-on email address. If your accounts are merged, a “Switch Accounts” option is available in the drop-down menu of your participant dashboard, which allows you to toggle between your accounts. 

If your accounts are not yet merged, contact participant support with the following information, to allow us to verify your identity and assist you with the account merge process:

  • your date of birth
  • the account numbers of the Guideline 401(k) accounts you’d like to have merged
  • the email address you would like the accounts merged under 
  • whether the companies sponsoring the 401(k) accounts are related business entities, if known

Once your accounts are merged, you can begin the rollover process via the distribution task in the account you would like to move your funds from.  In the account settings of your participant dashboard: 

  1. Select “Distribution” 
  2. Click “View Options”
  3. Select “Start”
  4. Select “Roll your funds into another Guideline account”

Please note that no check will be issued and no rollover fee incurred for a Guideline 401(k) to Guideline 401(k) rollover, as the transfer of funds will occur internally within the Guideline system.

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