When can I roll funds into my Guideline account?

If you are an eligible participant of a Guideline plan, you can roll funds into your Guideline account at any time after your plan has started and you’ve created your account. 

After setting up your account, you can check your employer’s 401(k) plan start date on the Plan Details page of your Guideline dashboard.

To avoid a delay in processing of your rollover, be aware of these common errors:

  • Initiating a rollover before you set up your Guideline account. 
  • For newly established 401(k) plans, rollovers received prior to the effective date of your plan cannot be processed until your plan commences.

For 401(k) plans, you can still roll funds into Guideline even if you are no longer actively employed by the company sponsoring the plan. 

If your employer has terminated its relationship with Guideline or the plan is pending transfer to a new provider and in a blackout period, your rollover will be rejected and returned to you.

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