I have a new employee, how do I add them to Guideline?

When an employee joins your company, they will need to be added to your Guideline roster. How the Guideline roster updates varies based on your payroll provider. 

360 Integration Payroll 

If you use a payroll provider integrated with Guideline, once an employee is added to your payroll, their information will automatically flow over to Guideline during our next sync (which happens nightly). 

180 Payroll Sync Payroll  

If you use a 180 payroll sync payroll provider, Guideline conducts a review of your payroll roster each pay period to identify new employees, and adds these employees to your Guideline roster for you. If you wish to expedite the process, you may go into your Guideline administrator dashboard and add a new hire to your Guideline roster on or after their hire date. 

Self Service Payroll 

If you use a self service payroll provider, you must log in to your Guideline administrator dashboard and add the new employee on or after their hire date. Guideline will not otherwise know if the company has a new hire that may be eligible to participate in the plan.

Once employees on your Guideline roster meet your plan’s eligibility requirements (the months of service and age requirement), Guideline will automatically send an invitation email to the employee to set up their Guideline account ahead of their auto enrollment date. Please be sure to remind new employees about Guideline automatic enrollment policy

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