How do I update the status of a terminated employee in Guideline?

When an employee leaves your company, your Guideline roster needs to be updated accordingly. How the Guideline roster is updated varies based on your payroll provider. 

If you use a payroll provider integrated with Guideline, enter the termination status and date for the recently terminated employee in your payroll provider platform. The termination status and date will sync with Guideline overnight and will automatically update in your Guideline roster. Be sure to wait until you have processed the employee’s final payroll before entering a termination date, as contributions will stop processing for that employee once they are marked "dismissed" in Guideline. Once a termination date is entered in payroll, no other action is needed on your part. 

If you use a payroll provider not integrated with Guideline, such as a 180 payroll sync provider or a self-service payroll provider, a plan administrator for the Guideline plan must log in to their Guideline administrator dashboard and add a termination date for the employee in the Guideline roster. Once a termination date is entered in payroll, no other action is needed on your part. 

Once an employee is marked as terminated in your Guideline roster, the plan will no longer be  charged the $8 monthly participant fee for that employee. You will see them removed from your monthly invoice the following month. For example, an employee is dismissed in Guideline on January 15th. They will be included on your February 1st invoice (since these are charges for January). They will not be included on your March 1st invoice. 

Although terminated employees are removed from your monthly billing, they will remain on your Guideline roster with a “dismissed” status for record keeping purposes. The Guideline roster filters out “dismissed” employees by default, so in order to see these employees, you’ll need to update the applied filter. 

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