Which payroll providers does Guideline integrate with?

Guideline offers integrations with a variety of providers, which allows our system to sync with the payroll provider each night to update employee information, such as for new hires or terminated employees, and to pull payroll reports needed to administer the plan. Additionally, any contribution rate changes made that day from the Guideline platform will be updated in your payroll provider platform.

Our integrated payroll providers include:

The list of our integrated partners may be updated from time to time, as reflected on our website


Intuit QuickBooks Online





ADP Run 

ADP Workforce Now

180˚ Payroll Sync Payroll Providers 

In addition to the integrated payroll providers listed above, Guideline is also able to provide 180 payroll sync with certain payroll providers with whom you grant Guideline third-party access in order to service your plan. If you utilize one of these payroll providers, Guideline will 

  • Update your Guideline roster each pay period based on information in the payroll platform, including updating newly hired or terminated employees. 
  • Pull your payroll report after each regularly scheduled payroll; however, if you run an off-cycle payroll, you’ll need to notify us so we can pull contributions in a timely manner.  
  • Update employee contribution rates in payroll when employees change their contributions rates from their Guideline participant dashboard. Note that it can take up to 72 hours for contribution rate changes to get updated in payroll.


Our 180 payroll sync payroll providers include:


Advantage Payroll


Intuit Full Service

Intuit Online Payroll



Managed Payroll












Self Service Payroll Providers

Guideline is still able to support your plan if you do not use any of our integrated or 180 payroll sync payroll providers; this just means you’re what we call a self service plan. For more information on what it means to be self service, check out this Help Center article

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