What does it mean to be a self service plan? 

Guideline supports several different payroll providers. If your payroll provider isn’t integrated or supports a 180˚ payroll sync with Guideline, your plan will be considered a self service plan. This means you as the plan sponsor will take on some additional responsibilities as outlined below. 

Not sure if your payroll provider is integrated or has 180˚ payroll sync with Guideline? Click here to find out!

Your responsibilities as a plan administrator for a self service plan:

  1. Manage all payroll 401(k) deductions, including initial setup of deferral rates, as well as timely updates to employee deferral rates in your payroll system when an employee makes a contribution change, and prior to processing each payroll. Current employee deferral rates may be found on the Manage Roster section or in the Deferral Rate Report on your Guideline administrator dashboard. You will also receive email notifications from Guideline when your employees make changes to their contribution rates through their personal Guideline accounts.
  2. Timely remit payroll journals to your Guideline administrator dashboard. Here are instructions on how to upload a payroll report. A payroll journal template can also be found in the Resource Library of your Guideline administrator dashboard. Please note that payroll reports should be uploaded 2 days before the pay date to avoid delays that may result in lost earnings owed to participants. Further, any off-cycle payrolls require that you notify Guideline at payroll@guideline.com so we may process those in a timely manner.
  3. Manage the employee census in your Guideline 401(k) roster, including changes in personnel or personnel data. New hires may be added to your Guideline roster using the “Add Employee” tool in the Manage Roster section of your Guideline administrator account. You should also use the Manage Roster section to provide termination dates for terminated employees.

In addition to these responsibilities, it is also important to know the following: Guideline will no longer serve as a fiduciary 3(16) plan administrator for your plan.

If you have any questions about being a self service plan, please schedule a payroll change call with one of our Account Managers. 

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