Can I turn off automatic enrollment?

Guideline plans include an “automatic contribution arrangement” (also known as ACA), and we do not provide the option to "turn off" the automatic enrollment feature. 

This does not mean that employees are required to participate in the plan. Rather, it means that employees must make an active decision to not participate in the plan and let us know if so. Employees can opt-out, or change their contribution percentage at any time once they’re enrolled in the plan. For new plans, employees who haven’t made a decision will automatically be enrolled in the plan and they'll automatically start saving for retirement 30 days after they receive their automatic enrollment notice. The logic is that not saving for retirement should be an active decision rather than a passive one.

Employees can opt out of participating in the plan themselves after they claim their account (which should take about 30 seconds to do), or you can manually opt them out from your Guideline administrator dashboard if you've received their consent to do so, which we suggest documenting for your records.

Here's our article explaining the benefits of automatic enrollment: Automatic Enrollment, Your New Best Friend for Retirement Savings.

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