How do my employees enroll?

Eligible employees will be sent an email invitation with the subject “[Action Required] Your Company Name 401(k) Plan Automatic Enrollment Notice” from with a link to onboard at least 30 days before your Guideline plan start date, or when they become eligible to participate in the plan, if the employee joins your company or becomes eligible after your plan start date. Your Guideline administrator dashboard will show the exact date employees will be sent their enrollment email. Upon clicking the enrollment link in the email, employees will be guided through a simple onboarding process, enabling them to set up everything from portfolio choices, to contribution rates, and more. 

*If an employee doesn’t receive the email from, make sure they check their spam folder before reaching out to our support team. You can also go to the “Rosters” page on your Guideline administrator dashboard and hit “Resend Invitations.” This option will allow you to select the specific employees that need an enrollment email re-sent.*

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