I am seeing incorrect employee information on my Guideline roster. What should I do?

This issue typically happens because the information was initially entered incorrectly in your payroll account. 

If you have a 360 integration partner, you can fix this by logging into your payroll account and updating the fields in question (Date of Birth, Hire Date, Email, Name, Termination Date, etc). It will take up to 24 hours for the changes to sync to Guideline.

If your payroll provider is a 180 payroll sync provider, the employee information will only be updated on the plan’s start date. To avoid potential delays to your employees’ participation in the plan, you may update the incorrect information directly on your Guideline roster as well as your payroll provider platform to ensure employee eligibility is accurately noted for initial contributions. 

If you are using a self-service provider, you will always need to update all employee information on your Guideline roster.


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