What will my employees be sent during the plan set up?

Eligible employees will be sent enrollment invitation emails according to the timeline on your Guideline administrator dashboard. The subject of the email will be “[Action Required] Your Company Name 401(k) Plan Automatic Enrollment Notice.” This email will invite eligible employees to claim their Guideline account and select their contribution rate and portfolio, or to opt out if they do not want to participate in the plan. 

The invitation email will provide notice to employees that if they don’t take action to proactively opt-out, they will be automatically enrolled at the plan’s default contribution rate beginning with the first paycheck processed after the automatic enrollment date. Their contributions will then be invested into one of Guideline’s professionally-managed portfolios based on the employee’s age and estimated time until retirement, pursuant to the terms of the Qualified Default Investment Alternative, as described in our Terms of Service. 

Enrollment invitations also include information about the plan, as well as links to our Help Center and Participant Kickoff Webinar (new plans only). Additionally, once participants log in to their Guideline participant dashboard, educational videos are available in the Resource Library for each participant to become familiar with their participant dashboard.

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