New Accountant Benefits Program

How does the client rewards program work?

Each client that signs up for a Guideline 401(k) through an accountant will receive a discount from Guideline. By adding more clients, accountants can obtain higher tier status and pass along bigger discounts.

  • 1-5 clients - Preferred Partner

Each new client pays no employer fees for 1 month 

  • 6-15 clients - Premier Partner

Each new client pays no employer fees for 2 months 

  • 16+ clients - Elite Partner

Each new client pays no employer fees for 3 months

I’m not a CPA. Can I join Guideline for Accountants?

Yes, you can. You don’t need any type of accreditation, like CPA, to join. Guideline for Accountants is made up of tax professionals, bookkeepers and CPAs. 

I already have clients with a Guideline 401(k). Do they count toward my client total?

Yes, all existing clients will be included to determine your tier status.

Will my existing clients qualify for the rewards program discount?

The discount only applies to new plans added starting 9/29/2021.

My firm has a Guideline 401(k). Do I qualify for the 6-month offer?

Yes, as a valued Guideline partner, we’ll waive your firm’s employer fees for the next 6 months.

When I add a client that bumps me up to a new tier status, will that client get the additional discount?

Let’s look at an example: adding a 5th client and achieving Premier Partner status. Your 5th client will pay no plan fees for 1 month. But the next plan you add, your 6th, will pay no plan fees for 2 months. This discount will remain the same until you add 15 clients total and become an Elite Partner. At this point, your 16th client, and all future clients, will pay no plan fees for 3 months.

When will the discount apply? Will it be reflected on the monthly invoice?

The discount will start with your client’s first invoice. 

Will my clients see their discount during plan setup?

Yes, your clients will see the discount automatically applied when they are setting up their plan.

Will I have a dedicated point of contact at Guideline?

Yes, you will be introduced to your dedicated Relationship Manager after you join Guideline for Accountants and connect to your free accountants dashboard.

I have been sending clients to Guideline for years, but I didn’t know this program existed. Will I be able to see those client’s plans once I sign up?

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to add your existing customers through your Guideline dashboard. Simply enter your clients’ EIN, then ask them to give you access from their plan’s dashboard. That’s it. These clients will be included to determine your tier status, but will not qualify for the plan fee discount.

Is there anything on my website I can put to show that I am a Guideline partner?

Yes, you can. Reach out to your dedicated relationship manager and they will be happy to provide you with your badge.

When will my firm receive our 6 months free?

If you’re opening a new Guideline 401(k) plan, you’ll receive your discount when you start your plan as long as you’ve joined Guideline for Accountants. 

For existing Guideline plans, we will apply your 6 month discount by December 2021.

I saw elsewhere that Guideline has an end of year promotion. Can my firm or my client’s combine that discount with the rewards program discount?

No, we do not combine discounts. We will honor the higher value discount for you and your client.

 1. Plan fees include the monthly base fee and the $8 monthly participant fee after the new plan begins. Other participant-paid fees will apply. This offer is not redeemable for cash and cannot be combined with other offers.

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